Disaster forces Balkans to evacuate


Milagro Mena | Staff Reporter
Posted June 2, 2014; 8:45 a.m

Photo courtesy of bellinghamherald.com
Photo courtesy of bellinghamherald.com

A weather catastrophe invades the homeland of some LU students. After three days of heavy rain, the Balkans’ River flood has inflicted drastic damages around the Balkans’ territory and resulted in multiple deaths.

According to CNN, the Balkan people are facing the worst floods since records began 120 years ago. The weather effects have forced Balkans to evacuate the most strained areas.

Balkan Lindenwood students show their condolence and concern for the situation their countries are facing.

Filip Cucovik, from Belgium, Serbia said, “It is awful knowing that most of my friends are volunteering to help people while I sit here and observe. I think a person cannot control nature but good organization could help prevent disasters like this one, and I am scared that politicians will take advantage of the situation and that donations will not end up in the right place and instead will end up in their own pockets.”

The situation in the Balkan territory greatly concerns students like Cucovik.

Cucovik said that he believes this disaster should be everyone’s concern because the rivers that are being flooded are the Balkans main trade route to other counties.

According to The New York Times, officials in Serbia said at least a dozen people were killed in Obrenovac, 22 miles southwest of the capital, Belgrade, and five others died elsewhere in the country.