Vanbuskirk Artisanal: more than just a chocolate bar


Chase Stewart | Staff Reporter
Posted July 14, 2014; 8:30 a.m.

If you’re tired of the burnt taste of the coffee beans at Starbucks, or are looking for a change of pace from other local coffee shops, there is a coffee option available to all Lindenwood students via a 12-minute drive down Highway 94.

VB’s Chocolate Bar. Photo by Chase Stewart

Vanbuskirk Artisanal Chocolate Bar, commonly coined VB’s by frequent visitors, opened its doors in September of 2012. The establishment is located right off of the Mid Rivers Mall Dr. exit on Highway 94 and sits on Hwy N in historic Cottleville, Mo. The physical address of VB’s is 5326 Hwy N Cottleville, Mo.

The owner, Conor VanBuskirk, has owned and operated several Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Co.’s for many years, but had always wanted to open an establishment that offered more than just hand-made truffles.

“I wanted to open a place where I could get creative with my ability to make truffles, while at the same time offering superior coffee; have a full bar with spirits and good beer, and also be able to offer a good selection of pastries and dinner options.”

VanBuskirk has succeeded at realizing his dream of opening a multi-faceted business. The chocolate bar offers guests a variety of options as guests are stuck with the difficult decision of indulging in one of VanBuskirk’s handmade truffles, pastries, or scoops of ice cream, enjoying one of the best cup of single-origin light roasts St. Charles County has to offer or relaxing on the patio while enjoying a chocolate martini or one of the establishment’s other premium alcoholic beverages.

VanBuskirk hopes you’ll try all of what he has to offer, tell your friends about it and come back for more.

“I was nervous about opening a place that didn’t really specialize in one amazing product but instead offered a variety of several amazing products, but the response around the community has been great and it has been a lot of fun. It is always great to see customers for the third, fourth and fifth times.”

Being a huge fan of a cup of coffee, the coffee offering at VB’s has naturally become my favorite aspect of the well-rounded business. If you are looking for a cup of coffee to rival Comet, Sump or Blueprint coffee companies located in downtown St. Louis, while staying in the vicinity of St. Charles, VB’s is truly your best option.