Lions Kick Ichabods Off Pride Rock

Roy White | Staff Reporter

September 5, 2014; 11:05 p.m.

Topeka, Kansas was the setting of last night’s paramount win.

The Lions clawed their way to a 44-38 win over the Ichabods. Looking back to the Lion’s last meeting with Washburn in 2013, the scores were very similar in a 44-35 loss for the Lions.

Not only have the Lions just come off a tight win, but now they have started their eleven game season in a great direction at 1-0.

Looking at the offense, the Lions were able to get the job done both through the air and on the ground. Dillon Miller, starting quarterback, finished the game with 230 yard and one touchdown. Miller was protected by what many players have foreseen, a dominate offensive line, allowing only one sack.

There is more behind this win then what is on paper. Coach Ross, the most winningest coach in Lindenwood football, added his 100th win to an already impressive track record.