Rain or Shine: tips for surviving outdoor concerts


photo by Abigail J. Fallon

Lauren Merz Staff Reporter
September 9, 2014; 09:23 a.m. 

Coming off the recent outdoor festivities at LouFest and The Zac Brown Band heading to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Maryland Heights on Friday, September 12, my question is, “Who is ready?”

Every concert is different; some artists will allow bottle caps while others will stop the show if they see one camera. Extremes are definitely a thing, especially at an outdoor venue. It has its ups: smoking cigarettes is permitted (if one pleases to) as well as picnics, dancing in the grass and, just like an indoor arena; the show will go on rain or shine.

photo by Abigail J. Fallon
photo by Abigail J. Fallon

However, because it is outside, there are a few suggested items to bring: sunscreen, bug spray and personal lawn chairs (if seated in the lawn). Despite the permission granted to those things, here is a little heads up so attendees can fly by the initial pat down on their way in:

No aerosol cans
If you are bringing sunscreen, bring the lotion kind. If you want to have bug spray, either spray yourself beforehand or buy an insect repelling bracelet. Do not bring your favorite expensive hairspray. They will stop you. If you do not take it back to the car, you will have to throw it away. Any aerosol can is not allowed in.

Lawn chairs
As we all know, lawn seating can be significantly cheaper than expensive house seats. In this case, you may feel inclined to bring your own chair, and you are more than welcome to! As long as it is a beach chair, that is. A beach chair sits about 5-10 inches off the ground. Anything that folds out to be as tall as a regular chair is strictly prohibited. I also suggest bringing a blanket to lie on. Remember: “less muddy, more homey.”

You cannot bring in a water bottle that has a broken factory seal. It will be dumped out and thrown away. You can bring in unfrozen store bought water. There is also water for sale at the various food service locations. If it is hot out, especially if you plan to drink alcohol, make sure to hydrate yourself appropriately. Do not spend two hours of your night in First Aid because you forgot the most essential thing: water.

As mentioned before these shows will happen no matter what is headed toward us. Only sometimes will there be a delay if the thunderstorm is bad enough. If you wish to, you may bring a small golfing umbrella.

Finally: abide by the rules
The rules change with the show. It is all up to the artist. Do not get mad at the workers. They are only carrying out what the artist requested. Sometimes, you will not be able to keep your water bottle caps, bring in your lawn chairs or bring chain wallets or any umbrellas.

Follow these tips and your night should be absolutely wonderful.