Lion Pride roars to life


The LU spirit squad gave a performance in Hyland Arena that got the audience ready for Saturday’s football game.

Essi Virtanen | Staff Reporter
From Print [Oct. 14, 2014]
| Legacy

Due to inclement weather, LU’s annual Pep Rally was moved from Hunter Stadium to Hyland Arena on Friday. However, the miserable weather did not affect the power of LU’s spirit.

Assistant Athletics Director Tom Wagganer began the event by inviting Director of Housing Michelle Giessman to introduce this year’s Homecoming Court. Freshman representatives Maggie Cornforth and Robert Anderson joined sophomores Nick Granberry, Jennifer Hinds, Chuck McCroary and Kristy Metz on stage, along with junior representatives Levi Knighten, Felipe Antunes, Dimon Paige, Zach Dennison, Jill Springli and Bryan Stone.

The King and Queen candidates announced were Irene Acosta, David Alexander, Dustin Boogaart, Brianna Schaefer, Kwame Featherson, Amanda Young, Mary Becker and Joe Thorington. Thorington and Becker would be crowned King and Queen at the dance the next day.

The audience was later asked to take part in a surprise dance competition, in which the volunteers improvised a dance to win pizza for the rest of the semester. In addition, the audience had a chance to win LU products and more pizza in a coupon drawing. The football team cheered in a lot of energy in the room. A.J. Chappelle, player number 24, was invited to speak. He highlighted the importance of everybody’s support the next day so they can play hard and do their absolute best in the game. 

The Pep Rally was brought into a grand finale by a performance by the Spirit Squad which involved LU’s cheerleaders, dance teams and the marching band. Their “Throughout the Decades” performance uplifted the atmosphere and got both the football team and student body ready for the game day.