Lions lose tight OT game

Daniel Rottlaender | Staff Reporter

Coming back from a four games road trip, the men’s soccer team faced Fort Hays University in Harlen C. Hunter stadium this Thursday.

After falling to Northeastern State University last Saturday, the Lions were convinced to earn the sixth conference victory of the season. From the start, LU took over control of the game and created first opportunities to gain the lead but Felipe Antunes in the third, Eduard Spragge in the sixth and Andre Hayne in the 15th minute either missed the target or dashed against Fort Hays’ goalkeeper Kent Freund.

In the aftermath, Fort Hays found the key to get into the game, which caused their first shot of the game but Jonathan Newkirk, who made his fourth starting appearance for the Lions this season, could save the shot. Even though LU still dictated the game, Fort Hays’ defense played very well and stopped LU’s offense from creating dangerous goal chances.

Eventually, 0-0 was the halftime score.

The second half started the same way as the first half did, the Lions had approximately 65 % ball possession and the first shot of the second half through Andre Hayne, who forced Kent Freund to show a magnificent safe.

However, the Lions lost control over the game and allowed Fort Hays’ offense to gain more ball possession, which caused that Mauricio Castorino could gin the lead for Fort Hays. In the aftermath, LU tried to get back to the domination of the first half and played more offensive than in the beginning of the second half.

After some long-distance shots and nice combinations, it was Andre Hayne who used a cross of Lukas Martinen in order to equalize the game in the 85th minute. 1-1 was also the final score of the regular game time, which caused that the game went into the overtime.

In the extra time, it online took three minutes until Fort Hays scored the game winner. Michael Cole redirected a corner kick of Maurizio Costa into the goal.

The next game for the men”s soccer team is scheduled for Thursday, October 30th when the Lions will face Harding University in the Harlen C. Hunter stadium.