Darkness falls across LU

Darkness falls across LU

Aaron Vento | Staff Reporter
November 4, 2014; 9:40 a.m.

As darkness fell on LU’s campus Wednesday night, the monsters rose to haut the Historic side of campus and celebrate the fourth annual Dark Carnival.

Everything from killer clowns to the Super Mario Bros. were in attendance and screams filled the cold night air as attendees took in the various attractions the carnival had to offer. The main attraction, like every year, was the haunted house in Cobbs Hall.

Within the hall, visitors were led through four floors of terror ranging from a mental hospital taken over by its own patients to a deranged carnival in the basement full of every type of horrifying clown imaginable.

On the other end of the carnival grounds a dance was being held by Tri Sigma, allowing anyone, human or not, to get their groove on. While there, everything from a deranged ventriloquist dummy to Deadpool and much more could be spotted, all taking part in the “Cupid Shuffle.”

A haunted hay ride held by Delta Zeta was another big attraction that drew attention. The hay ride took passengers in a circle around the campus’ famous graveyard as all manner of monsters came out of the darkness at them, with the occasional one even hitching a ride.

When people were tired of having their nerves fried, they could always enjoy one of the many other less-than-frightening booths set up all over old campus either offering food and drink such as kettle corn and hot chocolate (all free and graciously donated by local businesses) to various activities like decorating your own mask, a pumpkin ring toss or taking in a ghost story from a local storyteller.

LU sophomore Brittany Lavy, said, “I thought it was a fun opportunity to get out of my dorm and hangout with my friends around campus. My favorite part was the Tri Sigma dance at the pavilion because everyone was full of energy and I got to dance with all of my friends and just have a good time.”