“No agreement” for an assisted-living facility on campus

Faith Schallert | Staff Reporter
Nov. 10, 2014; 11:30 a.m.

On Thursday Oct. 30, STLToday reported a story on an assisted living facility to be built on Lindenwood property. President James Evans says that it may not be the case however.

“There is no agreement between the Cedarhurst firm and Lindenwood,” said President Evans. “Cedarhurst is interested in the possibility of building an assisted-care facility on our property, but the building proposal has not yet been received and would have to be approved by Lindenwood’s Board of Directors.”

President Evans said that there may not be a lease agreement with Cedarhurst. However, the report was done on a letter to Cedarhurst in which President Evans supporting their concept.

Although there is no assurance of an assisted living facility, the possibility of one is in the works.