New policy fellow

Gabrielle Christensen | Staff Reporter
From Print [Nov. 18, 2014]
| Legacy

The John W. Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise is a new research center at LU with a mission to foster free enterprise and civil and religious liberty through the examination of market-oriented approaches to economic and social issues. The Institute has named the Republican Representative Timothy Jones for the new senior policy fellow.

According to Director of Hammond Institute, Howard Wall, fellows within the Institute are not paid for their affiliation, but are close partners in pursuing the respective missions of the Institute. “Although some are employed in other capacities at Lindenwood, most are with other institutions and participate in conferences, public events, and research.” “As a senior policy fellow, Tim Jones will be participating in running, promoting, and participating in our policy-oriented activities such as conferences and public events,” Wall said.

Not only has Jones dealt with media in his elected positions, but he has also served as a guest host on numerous radio programs. Wall is very excited to welcome Jones, who is very well known in and out of Missouri. “His experience at the highest levels of policy-making within Missouri as the House Speaker puts him in a unique position to assist us,” said Wall. “His combination of experience and fame will greatly boost the exposure and impact that our events attain, which will be a great benefit to the Hammond Institute and Lindenwood.”