[Updated]: Lindenwood defensive back detained on drug charges


Screenshot from Nicola Muscroft An image from the footage recorded by Nicola Muscroft and Isis Wadleigh.

Photo courtesy of lindenwoodlions.com
Photo courtesy of lindenwoodlions.com

Aeriel Niccum | Assistant News Editor
Published March 6, 2015; 12:15 p.m.

Brian Keith Hawthorne posted $10,000 bond and was released on his own recognizance Thursday, March 5.

Hawthorne was able to post bond despite being considered a flight risk for failing to appear in court numerous times and not being from the St. Louis area, according to the probable cause statement written by arresting officer Detective Euton of the St. Charles County Drug Task Force.

According to the statement, Hawthorne sold approximately seven grams of marijuana to undercover Drug Task Force detectives on three separate occasions in 2014. On two of those occasions, Hawthorne sold the marijuana to the detectives from his campus residence at 800 Cunningham Avenue.

According to the statement, each of the transactions were audio and video recorded.

Dean of Students Terry Russell declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.

Aeriel Niccum | Assistant News Editor
Published March 5, 2015; 5:15 p.m.

Lindenwood University football player Brian Keith Hawthorne was detained this afternoon on three alleged drug charges.

The senior was charged with three counts of Distribution, Delivery, Manufacturing, Production or Attempt To Or Possession with Intent to Distribute, Deliver, Manufacture or Produce A Controlled Substance, according to the case file on Missouri Case.net. The charges are class B felonies.

According to eye witnesses, Hawthorne was asked to leave class by two Lindenwood security officers and brought to Dean of Students Terry Russell. He was later seen being escorted in handcuffs from the Student Development office by a Saint Charles Police Department officer.

According to Missouri Case.net, the warrant was issued Wednesday, March 4. However, two of the charges were filed in February 2014 and the third filed in November 2014.