Shopping made simple


Kelby Lorenz | Visuals Editor
Published March 13, 2015; 9 a.m.

Let me say something that many may find crazy: just because those pants or shoes have a price tag doesn’t mean you need to buy it. It may be on sale for 60 percent off, but it is still money coming out of your wallet. In addition, if you buy 48 items at 60 percent off, it begins to add up. So here are some tips on how to shop without dropping some serious moolah out of your bank account.

shopping infographicStep 1: Take inventory of what you already own. If you know what is currently hanging in your closet, then you won’t be as tempted to buy it again. Let’s say that you have four shirts or blouses in varying shades of color. If you know that you have those four items, then you know that getting another one is just unnecessary so you won’t buy it.

Step 2: Have a strategy. Go in knowing what you want and get only that. If you need a pair of bright blue pants, then go grab those pants and leave, you do NOT need anything else.

Step 3: Know when it’s time to pay. Look at the item in your hands carefully. Is the cut and fabric what you really want? Is it timeless enough to still be in style six months from now? If yes, then snatch that up NOW.

Step 4: Know when it’s time to fold. Even though it is on sale, do you really need it? Buying too many things creates clutter, which then clouds your mind on what you really need to shop for.

Keep these steps in mind on your next shopping adventure and you will be the owner of a great and stylish wardrobe.