CAB’s Dessert In-a-Mug leaves students hungry for more


Lucie Brochon | Reporter
September 3, 2015; 11:15 a.m.

Students learned to cook quick and simple dessert recipes that could all be made in a mug, under the directives of Spellman cafeteria’s chef, Adam Puorro, Monday, Aug. 31 at Evans Common.

The Campus Activity Board organized the event in the effort to teach students how to make recipes they could easily re-make in their own dorms, with very little materials and basic ingredients.

Around dinner time, about 30 students came with a sweet tooth to cook their own dessert. On the menu: Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake and Apple Crumble in a mug.

CAB provided the recipe of both desserts to each student, as well as the ingredients to make the apple dessert right away.

For the opening, the chef quickly demonstrated how to make the Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake recipe, before leading students through the second dessert.

During the 45 minutes session, students followed Puorro’s directions as he made his way through the recipes. Glad to share his skills, he went from one table to another, offering his help to those who needed it.

“It was a lots of fun,” Puorro said. “It was a bit too loud and it was hard for students to cut the apple with plastic knives. But I guess this is what they’ll have in their dorms.”

Once the preparation process was over, only a few seconds in the microwave was enough to achieve the dessert. 

Meghan Murphy, a sophomore who attended, was very pleased with how her dessert turned out.

“It was very good and I would definitely do it again,” Murphy said. “I think I will try the chocolate dessert at home.”

After Dessert In-a-Mug’s success, CAB is already planning to bring the event back later in the semester.