Tips for losing turkey weight


Cartoon by Tommy Stachowiak

Brendan OchsReporter
From Print [Dec.1,2015] | Legacy

The Thanksgiving season has passed, marking yet another wonderful celebration with family, friends and, of course, an exorbitant amount of food.

Depending on how this food (whether it is the turkey or the green bean casserole) is prepared, cooked and what kind of ingredients are used, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Cartoon by Tommy Stachowiak
Cartoon by Tommy Stachowiak

Often times it is very hard to break out of an enjoyable habit. Poor eating choices can fall under that category.

If you have been maintaining a stable, clean and routine diet, make sure to be mindful of the many cheat days up ahead. Here are a few ways to prevent unwanted weight gain for the next holiday season:

It is OK to eat what you want, but maybe try smaller portions of the bad paired with larger portions of the healthy food.

If the goal has been to lose weight and you have been maintaining a caloric deficit, understand that plenty of holiday foods are denser in calories, and your normal portion can result in double the calories, if not more.

Use more high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises and cardio training to burn the fat.

Check your macronutrient intake (how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats consumed in a day) and understand that extra calories equals extra work in the gym. The idea for the holidays is to be mindful of your goals.

Understand you can be set back. Figure out a plan of how to limit the set back. Then execute your plan throughout this eating season.