Safety In The Life Of College Students

Going to college means getting ready to live life as a young adult, without your parents constantly helping you out and supporting you in everything you do. While for most teenagers this might sound like a dream finally come true, as they enjoy their much-desired freedom, for others, it might be a more stressful time than they might want to admit. Not having a responsible adult take care of them and every potentially dangerous situation in their life means they need to be act more responsibly. And this is something that needs to be learned gradually. If you are mainly concerned about your safety as a new college student, here are a few ideas to help you get started on the right track.

Plan Escape Routes For Emergenciesauthorized locksmiths install door locks

There is no telling what could go wrong in college; fires or floods can break out out of the blue, thieves could steal your laptop or cash and leave you with no money for food for the upcoming month. And this is just a small list of potential problems that could rise, and which need to be prevented using all means possible.

Planning two escape routes in case of a fire or some other type of an emergency that will force you to make a quick escape is a great idea. In case your clothes are caught on fire, for exactly, you will need to immediately stop, drop to the ground and start rolling your body. In case you need to escape a fire or heavy smoke, you will need to crawl to the nearest safe exit. You should never stay there and wait for the emergency personnel to arrive, as a few minutes could make the difference between life and death. You should also alert the rest of the students on your floor by knocking on their doors and yelling “Fire!” as you are on your way to the main exit out of the building.

Stay Safe Inside Your Dorm Room/Rental

Make sure all of the locks on your doors and windows are working in top shape and they are sturdy enough to handle kicking and simple prying tools usually used by burglars. Take a look at the services provided by professional locksmiths such as Authorized Locksmiths and get more inspiration on the type of locks you could have installed on your rented apartment. Take a look at this link here and learn what kind of residential locksmith services authorized and licensed locksmiths can provide you with: fresh lock installation services, including mortise and deadbolt locks, lock re-keying, duplicate key cutting, free estimates, mailing box lock services and master key making.

Use the best locks your money can buy and always double check if you have locked the room on your dorm apartment or rental. Never leave windows open and try to never leave a spare key to someone you do not know very well or at all.

Keep your most valuable items in a locked drawer or use luggage locks or cable locks for your bags and laptop for similar reasons. Buy a personal screaming alarm and a pepper spray you can carry on you at all times. Use them in case you feel you are under threat and immediately call 911 when you get to a safe campus location.

Remember Smoke Detectors Can Save Lives

Keep them working in top shape, check and change batteries whenever needed, and never ignore them as they might save your life.