A little taste of Brazil


Gabriela Pires | Lindenlink Reporter

The most recognizable candy in my country Brazil, is called Brigadeiro. It was named after a Brazilian politician of the 1920’s, Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes. Gomes, an army general, ran for president in 1946 and 1950 during a short time of democracy in Brazil after WWII.

Why would anyone name candy after an army general and politician?

He was good looking and single. Some female supporters had the idea to advertise for his campaign using the candy. Due to the war, it was a hard to import nuts and fruits from Europe.

Nescau is a chocolate powder that was introduced to the country and is one of the main ingredients in Brigadeiro, along with condensed milk.

Today, Brigadeiro is a MUST at every birthday party. Eduardo Gomes Brigadeiro lost the presidential campaign to Marechal Eurico Gaspar. However, there is no candy named after Gaspar!