Give It A Chance

Give It A Chance

Talia Scatliff Lifestyle editor

Girls, have you ever seen a guy and said to yourself, “Wow, how could any girl stand that guy?” Guys, have you ever seen a girl and thought, “Oh man, that poor girl, how can any guy stand her?” Or, how about thinking someone else is too into their studies, too into God or too into partying… Have you ever even given them a chance?

My views on the world are like roller coasters. They change every day. Sometimes for the better and sometimes, they go back to my old immature ways of thinking. For the most part, as we get older, our ways of thinking change for the better.

There is something funny about life. Most of the time, when you over-think a person, you will almost at sometime later in life see them in a different context. It is almost as if the world wants to prove us wrong.

Why? So we may learn a lesson. . .which is, to not to judge a book by its cover? No, it goes deeper then that.

We are talking about dating here. Dating opens the door to new opportunities for us until we find someone that fits. Sometimes, maybe, it is simply just us, that we have changed our perspective on life. We change and grow through experience and to experience new things, we must take chances.