SafeTrek app should be offered to Lindenwood students free of charge


Security app SafeTrek, is a great resources for students all across the country and should be utilized by Lindenwood students.
Graphic by Kearstin Cantrell


Washington University is the first university to offer the security app SafeTrek for free to its students, and I think Lindenwood University should follow the trend.

SafeTrek is an app created by a couple of Mizzou students who felt that the emergency call boxes around campus were not enough. On the SafeTrek website, they explain why the app was an important development for them.

“SafeTrek was developed by college students, for college students,” the website states. “After constantly receiving crime report emails and hearing stories from our friends about incidents that were occurring on campus, we decided to tackle the problem that the campus blue-light system was failing to solve.”

I found out about the app about six months ago, and I don’t go anywhere without it.

Upon opening the app, a blue screen with the words “Hold Until Safe” pops up. When you are safely inside your car or home, you let the screen go and another screen pops up with a numerical pad. The user has 10 seconds to put in their four-digit code, or else the app sends the phone’s GPS coordinates to the local police station. This makes the $2.99 a month fee worth it to me.

The simple screens shown to the users of SafeTrek make the software easy to use.
Photos by Ashley Higginbothom

The SafeTrek website explains that SafeTrek “bridges the gap between doing nothing and calling 911 in an unsafe situation.” It allows the user to be proactive in their protection without the pressure of dialing 911 in an emergency.

While crime at Washington University is a lot more common, Lindenwood students would benefit from the app as well. It’s extremely simple to use, and I would know. I have used the app a handful of times, and I trust it.

The app works not just on campuses, but anywhere in the United States. This is why I think having the app is so important. So many Lindenwood students like to take time away from classes by hanging out down on Main Street in St. Charles. It’s important to feel safe while doing so.

I feel more safe with the app and my personal mace over the emergency call boxes on campus. What if the perpetrator is too close to me? I would not make it in time to the call box. Students should seriously use this app. More than that, Lindenwood should offer it to students free of charge. I love it and will continue to vouch for it anytime I can.