Lindenwood launches new mobile app this month


Lindenwood’s banner promoting their new phone application. Photo credit Grace Pettit, screen shot.

Killian Walsh | Staff Reporter

Lindenwood’s banner promoting their new phone application. Photo credit Grace Pettit.

On Homecoming weekend, Lindenwood is scheduled to launch its new mobile app.

This app will be powered by Blackboard mobile and will hold resources for current and prospective students, parents, alumni and faculty and staff.

Rachel Wilmes, Lindenwood’s public relations specialist, said, “The app has been in progress since early summer and has held a fast turnaround.”

This app currently features modules including Athletics, Directory, Events, Get Help, Images, Club Sports, Blackboard Mobile Learn, Maps, News, Links and Videos.

The app will be available on all mobile devices that are browser-enabled such as Android, BlackBerry and iPhone and will be a free download.

One particular feature that will be useful to students is the Maps module that allows students to get directions to a certain building from their current location. Also, they can view the hours of operation at each of the dining establishments.

“The app will have features for everyone but will be for students first and foremost,” Wilmes said. One feature regarding safety is the Get Help module that will show the numbers of the nearest emergency services, directly on a mobile device.

Upcoming events and sports teams schedules will also be included in this app along with the latest campus news, all sent to the app directly from the Lindenwood website.

Launching Homecoming weekend is the first phase of the app, and phase two, which will include a Student Portal edition, will hopefully launch at the beginning of 2013.