The Art History Department Shines During Homecoming

Alegria Mora Lindenlink Contributor

The Art History department was present at this year’s Homecoming week as the J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts welcomed 13 alumni and guests to the lecture “Beauty, Balance and Visions of the Universe in Renaissance Art” that took place on Saturday, Oct. 20.

Art history Professor James L. Hutson led the one hour lecture centered on Giovanni Paolo Gallucci’s book “Della Simmetria dei corpi humani.” With a PowerPoint presentation, Hutson talked about symmetry, anatomy and the use of cosmology to understand human proportions in Western Renaissance art.

Attendees took notes and learned about an unfamiliar topic. Esther Fenning, a 1977 English graduate said, “It is certainly interesting, at not being an artist, to see that the professor brought together things I had no idea about.”

A question-and-answer session followed the lecture as everyone engaged in discussion and presented their opinions with a set of responses ranging from history to science. They looked back at the works of art presented and were pleased at what they learned. “I now understand that the Western culture has a unique perception of proportions and the world,” said Victoria Feenley, who was invited to attend by her friend Esther.

Afterwards, Hutson expressed his delight with the results. “Since this was the first time that we attempted an academic lecture on Homecoming weekend, the turnout was beyond what we expected,” he said.

Hutson expects next year will be more organized and will bring in more people. “Hopefully, next year we will be able to better advertise and schedule the lecture so that alumni could enjoy the parade and then be directed to academic lectures.”

As everyone left, positive comments were expressed all around. “It is really fun to see a professor doing what he loves,” Feenley said. “He made the lecture interesting and left me wanting more.”