The Senatorial Race: Conservative’s Point of View

Madison Burke Lindenlink Contributor

One of the most controversial senatorial races in Missouri is coming to an end. With only two weeks left to campaign, both candidates Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill are working hard to win the votes of St. Charles County.

“St. Charles County is blessed with a full complement of principled conservative Republicans,” said Dave Evans, Republican St. Charles campaign leader. “Obviously, I come from a Republican respective, but in my view, all of our candidates and elected officials conduct themselves according to constitutional precepts, and work toward free-market solutions for our area.”

McCaskill was the unpopular choice in the historically Republican county of St. Charles partly because of her close relationship with Barack Obama. Most local conservative voters would not have dreamed of sending a vote her way, if not for her opponent’s public mishaps.

Todd Akin is known for occasionally saying the wrong thing, but he really took it to the next level when he implied that in “legitimate rape” a woman’s body is able to protect itself from becoming pregnant.

Lindenwood University student Whitney Calvin said, “I have conservative beliefs, but what Akin said offended me so much that I don’t know who I will vote for now. I might even just leave it blank.”

Akin lost many supporters through this controversial statement. He hoped to gain some back through a public apology and continued campaign measures. In a commercial he said, “Rape is an evil act. I used the wrong words in the wrong way.  For that I apologize.”

St. Charles Republican resident Chad Carson said, “Akin made some mistakes, but I think that people from St. Charles want to see a Republican win. They’ll vote for him to support the party, not the man.”