Opinion: Super Bowl LII was the most meme-worthy Super Bowl yet


Memes are a staple in today’s online communication. This year’s Super Bowl contributed some great meme material to the internet.
Photo from pexels.com


There were plenty of reasons to love Super Bowl LII. The Eagles brought Philadelphia its first Lombardi trophy, Justin Timberlake rocked halftime and Tom Brady made himself look like a fool. But for me, the No. 1 reason to love Super Bowl LII was the multitude of meme-worthy moments. Here are six meme moments that top them all.

When Tom Brady walked in like he just dropped a fire techno hit in Germany.

The first of many Super Bowl meme moments revolved around Tom Brady’s questionable outfit choice. His resemblance has been compared to Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and Melania Trump, but that’s just the beginning. Side note: Is it wrong that I’m glad a man is for once being ridiculed for his outfit choice instead of a woman?

When P!nk threw her “gum” on the field before singing the National Anthem.

People freaked out when P!nk, who battled the flu for the past week, tossed her cough drop on the field just before the national anthem. The nationwide controversy before the game started was centered on what exactly she took out of her mouth. It’s a GIF, it’s a meme and it’s been cleared up that it was not gum.



When Brandin Cooks really thought he was a high jumper.

As the wise men Drake and Future once said, “Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to something.” However that “something” was not successfully jumping over an Eagles defender. 


When #selfiekid was super ungrateful to be standing next to the man, the myth, the legend, Justin Timberlake.

Life tip: When Justin Timberlake is standing next to you, you put your phone down for two minutes. Apparently they don’t teach that in schools anymore. Shame on you, Ryan McKenna. 





When both quarterbacks decided to try out the wide receiver lifestyle.

Nick Foles is a jack of all trades. Tom Brady should stick with tossing the pigskin. 



When Tom Brady was just feeling really emotional.

#SadTomBrady is personally my favorite Tom Brady. Play the GIF and cue a sad ASPCA commercial. 

And that was the year that the memes from the Super Bowl took over the internet.