Marching band moving to athletics, more potential scholarship opportunities


The Lindenwood Golden Lion Marching Band will be moving to athletics. Students will have more scholarship opportunities available to them, according to Associate Professor of Music Ryan Curtis
File photo by Annette Schaefer


Physically, the Golden Lion Marching Band is not moving anywhere, but on paper, they are moving to athletics, according to Associate Professor of Music Ryan Curtis.

“It’s going to look the same,” Curtis said.

Curtis said that the marching band and pep band share a lot of the same responsibilities as the cheerleaders and the dance line, so it would be beneficial to put them under the same “umbrella.”

“That way, there might be a few more scholarship options if it’s through athletics vs. School of AMC [Arts, Media and Communications],” Curtis said.

Curtis said that nothing about the program is going to change. The band is still going to practice at Harlen C. Hunter Stadium.

“The only change will be that the marching band stipend will come from athletics vs. AMC,” Curtis said.

The practices for all other bands will still be held in the J. Scheidegger Center, which is what Curtis said they have always done.

“It still looks and will run the same from a practice perspective,” Curtis said.

Anyone is welcome to join the band program at Lindenwood. According to Lindenwood’s website, the symphonic orchestra is open to all students by auditions, marching band is open to all students “with a passion for music in motion” and jazz band is also open to all students by audition.