Cobbs Hall cereal bar a hit


On Feb. 28, the Community Advisers of Cobbs Hall held a cereal bar for their residents.
Photo by Daniel Kennebeck


Every semester, the community advisers of Cobbs Hall are expected to hold events for the 68 female residents that achieve one of four components: leadership, community, physical health or mental health.

The women spent the evening playing games like Cards Against Humanity while enjoying their cereal.
Photo by Daniel Kennebeck

Junior Hannah Averick and sophomore Brittney Huck hosted the cereal bar as one of their required two events this semester.

“I was just scrolling [on Pinterest] … it’s just kind of different,” Huck said on coming up with the idea.

“I had an idea to do a coloring pages night for destressing,” Averick said. “She [Huck] had the board game idea already and I was like, ‘Well I kind of wanted to do games and art,’ so it kind of worked to just put them both together.”

While the event was open to all students, the event was mainly aimed at Cobbs Hall residents.

The events at Cobbs Hall are all reportedly very popular, and the cereal bar was no different. The women credit the high attendance of the events to the personalized flyers taped to every resident’s door and encouragement from the CAs.

Cobbs Hall provided the residents a wide variety of cereals and milk.
Photo by Daniel Kennebeck

“I think our lobby helps us out a lot,” Averick said. “They walk by and they’re like ‘Oh, I’ll stay for a few minutes,’ and end up staying for an hour or two.”

In about a 30-minute period, 20 or more girls came filtering in and out, getting cereal, chatting and playing Cards Against Humanity. However, the CAs expected it to become much busier closer to 9 o’clock when the evening classes ended.

With nine cereal options, coloring pages and a wide selection of games (including Lindenopoly) the women had their night set.

When she saw the cereal options, Abby Toenjes, a Cobbs Hall resident, said, “This is the kind of bar I like,” and the sentiment was echoed by those lining up to make themselves a bowl.