Lindy Awards nominations

The annual Lindy Awards celebrate student produced media.
Graphic by Lindenwood School of Communications

The annual Lindy Awards celebrate student produced media. Graphic by Lindenwood School of Communications


Every year, the Lindenwood School of Communications hosts the “Lindy Awards” as a way to celebrate and reward student-produced media. Any student who has been enrolled at Lindenwood in the past 12 months is eligible to submit their work for review. 

This year, the Lindy Awards has 42 categories open to Lindenwood students as well as four categories open to high school students in the area.

The award ceremony will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 8, 2018, in the Emerson Black Box Theater.

Short: Best Fiction Short

  • “The Midnight Realm” by Megan Page Wiegert
  • “Good Mor-ning” by Joyce Techa
  • “My Ex is a Psycho” by Marina Nichols
  • “A Month Ago” by Brenton Griffith


Short: Best Documentary Short

  • “Jake Henson: Working Out” by Alex Carlos
  • “Leo’s Story” by Leonardo Panziera
  • “KSHE: 50 Years” by Alex Carlos
  • “Tiffany Rodriquez’s Capstone: Behind the Scenes” by Rolando Dupuy
  • “Director’s Sick Obsession” by Brenton Griffith


Short: Best Music Video

  • Earth to Sender “Memories” by Brenton Griffith
  • “Weak” by Ronaldo Dupuy
  • “I Left My Body” by Joyce Techa
  • “North Football Recap” by Danny Gerber


Short: Best Sound Design

  • “Jake Henson: Working Out” by Alex Carlos
  • “A Month Ago” by Brenton Griffith


Short: Best Cinematography

  • Earth to Sender “Memories” by Brenton Griffith
  • “I Left My Body” by Valerie Royer


Short: Best Directing

  • “Sick Obsession” by Marina Nichols
  • “My Ex as a Psycho” by Marina Nichols
  • “A Month Ago” by Brenton Griffith
  • “Levocetirizine” by Valerie Royer
  • “KSHE: 50 Years” by Alex Carlos


Short: Best Actor

  • Alex Carlos in “The Job”


Short: Best Actress

  • Artima Sakulkoo in “Good Mor-ning”


Full Program: Best Talk/Interview Program 

  • Alex Carlos for “Mixed Media”
  • Artima Sakulkoo for “Thai Cuisine”
  • Breton Griffith for “Mixed Media Minecraft”
  • Chris Brueggeman for “On the Inside”


Full Program: Best Non-Talk Program

  • Chris Brueggeman for “LUTV News”


Full Program: Best Studio Direction

  • Alex Carlos for “Mixed Media”
  • Chris Brueggeman for “Corner Gallery”


LUTV News: Best Sports Reporting/Package

  • Ashley Higginbotham for “LUTV News”


LUTV News: Best Field Reporting/Package

  • Ashley Higginbotham for “Canine Vet”
  • Ashley Higginbotham for “Heroin Meeting”


LUTV News: Best Studio Talent

  • Ashley Higginbotham for “Demo Reel”


Writing: Best Commercial/PSA Script

  • “Fire Fighter’s Rescue PSA” by Maysa Clay
  • “Take a Stand PSA” by Tess Augustyn
  • “Word Choice Org. PSA” by Artima Sakulkoo
  • “Polaroid Commercial” by Andrea Nicholson
  • “Feeding PSA” by Allison Hoeffner


Writing: Best Dramatic Script: The Rift Fournier Memorial Writing Award

  • “Killer Writing Act I” by Mariana Nichols
  • The Lotus and the Hare by Gavin Lewis
  • Psalm Song by Daniel Rothermich
  • A Month Ago by Brenton Griffith
  • Movie Night by Gavin Lewis


Print/Online Journalism: Best Published News/Sports Article

  • “95-year-old fan to attend first Blues game Thursday” by Kearstin Cantrell
  • “Alumnus returns to take reins of KCLC station” by Matt Hampton


Print/Online Journalism: Best Published Enterprise Article

  • “Campuses struggle to battle cases of sexual assault” by Ashley Higginbotham
  • “Breaking the silence on mental health issues in college” by Essi Auguste Virtanen


Print/Online Journalism: Best Published Opinion Article

  • “Media’s new minority: Representation of autism in TV shows needs work” by J.T. Buchheit
  • “A believer’s confession” by Lindsey Fiala
  • “When everyone wants to talk, but nobody wants to listen” by Kearstin Cantrell


Print/Online Journalism: Best Published News/Sports Photograph

  • “Lindenwood table tennis flies past divisional tournament” by Walker Van Wey
  • “Dark end to semester with a 15-12 loss for Lindenwood billiards” by Walker Van Wey


Interactive: Best Branding

  • Sara Link (1)


Interactive: Best App or Website

  • Ewa Dymarek (1)
  • Tess Augustyn (1)


Interactive: Best Digital Photograph

  • Armani Johnson (2)
  • Jennifer Wunder (2)
  • Lindsey Fiala (1)
  • Gonzalo Perez (1)


Interactive: Best Digital Art Created

  • Allison Plume (1)
  • Regina Huesca (1)
  • Ashtin Vessells (2)
  • Ike Oji (2)


Interactive: Best Printed Art Created

  • Ewa Dymarek (3)
  • Ewa Dymarek (1)


Grad: Best Grad Digital Design

  • Oday Alyatim (1)
  • Oday Alyatim (2)


Advertising Collateral: stationery (letterhead, envelope, business card), annual report, brochure

  • Susan Adams
  • Alexandra Marshall
  • Tess Augustyn


Advertising Digital: websites, social media, apps, web banner (static or animated), blogs, and digital publications

  • Ewa Dymarek (2)
  • Ewa Dymarek (3)
  • Mirella Mosquera


Advertising Out-of-Home: billboard, poster, mass transit including vehicle wraps, guerilla marketing, and events

  • Ewa Dymarek (1)
  • Ewa Dymarek (2)
  • Ewa Dymarek (3)


Advertising Traditional Media: print (magazine and newspaper), radio, and television

  • Mirella Mosquera (2)
  • Ewa Dymarek (1)
  • Kayla Bakker


Advertising Visual: Logo Design

  • Alison Plume
  • Jen Wunder
  • Matt Hampton


Public Relations: Press Release

  • Hannah Saputo (1)
  • Andrea Nicholson
  • Kayla Bakker (1)
  • Savannah Kaatman


Public Relations: Social Media Post

  • Andrea Nicholson (1)
  • Hannah Saputo (1)
  • Jennifer Wunder (17)


Graduate: Best Video

  • “Done Deal” by Cory Mack


High School: Best Direction


High School: Best Short Non-Fiction


High School: Best Short Fiction


High School: Best Animation


Alumnus of the Year

  • Arts, Media, Communications—Marsha Parker


Best of Show

  • all entries