Catholic Student Union to host barn dance


The barn dance, hosted by Lindenwood’s Catholic Student Union, will be held on Friday at the Pavilion across from Young Hall.
Photo by Tyler Keohane


The Catholic Student Union will be hosting its second annual barn dance Friday at the Lindenwood Pavilion.

It was organized by Alissa Klein, a senior and the Outreach Coordinator of CSU. Klein’s job is to plan social activities for CSU. She has organized other events like the Halloween and Christmas parties and the Coffee House event.

The barn dance is “English country dancing,” which is a historical folk dance performed and celebrated in the 1700s and 1800s. Klein’s personal connection with English country dancing started when she was in eighth grade, where she fell in love with fiddles, flutes and all the other folk instruments coming together.

Attendees don’t have to be experts; they don’t even have to be familiar with English country dancing. Klein will be personally teaching the different dances as the night goes along. Many of the dances are partner-based, so everyone will be meeting new people constantly.

“Last year was my first time calling an entire dance all by myself rather than just one or two,” Klein said. “It was also Newman’s first-ever barn dance. … I feel more confident [this year].”

The dance is free for all to come. The purpose is to bring people together and to have a fun night.

Elizabeth Pulliam, a senior and another member of CSU said, “The word ‘Catholic’ means ‘universal,’ which means we are open to everyone.”

Klein is very excited for the barn dance and would also like to invite everyone to other Newman events such as Sunday mass at 8 p.m. in Sibley Chapel and Bible Study on Monday nights at 7 p.m. at the Newman House.

Students can contact their campus minister, Carol, at [email protected], or find more information through InvolveU.