Food, fun, faith collide at World Buffet


Guests at the World Buffet event focus in on a game of Kahoot. The winners received gift cards, including to Smoothie King and Starbucks.
Photo by Matt Hampton.


The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship held an event with international food and games on Thursday in Spellmann 3020. 

Many students and alumni stopped by World Buffet to taste food from Mexico, Japan and India. The diverse guests also tested their knowledge of international facts with a few rounds of trivia game Kahoot. Gift cards were given to the winners and a raffle was also held for a gift card.  

Esmeralda Johnson, an InterVarsity member, said they held the event because of the diversity of Lindenwood and their organization and to help recruit students to the group.

InterVarsity, a Christian ministry group, holds Bible studies every Monday in Spellmann 3020. They also go on one or two retreats each semester according to a presentation given by an InterVarsity volunteer.  

World Buffet guests wore name tags to encourage conversation and chatted in multiple languages while competing for gift cards and enjoying sushi, lemonade and various other foods.  

Students play an Indonesian game called “Bunny Bunny” at InterVarsity’s World Buffet.
Photo by Matt Hampton.

After dinner and Kahoot, the partygoers played an Indonesian game Johnson learned at an InterVarsity conference called “Bunny Bunny,” she said. 

In the game, players sit in a circle and perform a designated series of motions depending on their position, until they are eliminated if they mess up.  

Johnson, who is from Saba, a small island in the Dutch Caribbean, said they gave away shirts which were given to InterVarsity by a woman who used to work with them.  

“A lot of the members already have those shirts, so we just tried to give them out in another fashion,” she said.  

On Tuesday, InterVarsity will host a glow-in-the-dark yoga event in Butler Loft at 8 p.m.