Know before you go: voting in the midterms

November 4, 2018 Madeline Raineri 0

With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, election officials recommend studying up on the positions and issues being voted on this coming Tuesday before you go. In an interview with Lindenlink reporter Kayla Drake, elections director Rich Chrismer said that this is the largest ballot he has seen in his 16 years as the elections director. He said he recommends people look the issues up online before coming because a fresh pair of eyes can take about 35 minutes to vote.


Editorial Cartoons

Editorial cartoon: traffic cone delight

September 28, 2018 Kat Owens 0

Parking this semester has also been affected by construction and the reshuffling of offices and classrooms, it seems as if the traffic cones are slowly invading campus, conquering ground over weekends and in late night scrimmages. […]