Students de-stress through glow in the dark yoga


Students bend and touch the ground to stretch during Glowga in Butler Hall on April 24.
Photo by Kayla Drake.


Video by Kayla Drake

KAYLA DRAKE | Reporter

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship hosted a unique way to prepare for finals with Lindenwood’s first “Glowga” event Tuesday in Butler Loft.

Glowga, which combines the words “yoga” and “glow,” attracted more than 20 students hoping to de-stress before finals.  

InterVarsity club member Esmeralda Johnson, who planned the event, said she was surprised at the good turnout. Johnson got the idea from a running club at a medical school near her home in Saba, a Dutch island in the Caribbean. 

Kateland Reese, a yoga instructor for Jane’s House, a studio in St. Charles, never did a Glowga before. Reese said a lot of first timers for yoga were present, but she liked the atmosphere and openness of the students. 

“It was really nice,” she said. “At the end a lot of them came up to me and thanked me and gave me a hug, which was sweet. I didn’t expect that.”

Senior Juwan King attended the event and was a first timer to yoga himself. He said the glowing balloons added “a good ambiance.”

The group plans to host a Glowga again next semester, near finals.