Opinion: We are not the enemy of the students


Photo by Kat Owens

Editorial Cartoon by Kat Owens.


More than 300 newspapers across America published editorials today to promote freedom of the press and show their displeasure with President Donald Trump labeling them “the enemy of the people.”

We decided to publish our own editorial directed at university administrators to let them know we are not the enemy of the students, faculty or even the administration.

Our staff, like professional journalists, are under attack for printing news that is accurate but not necessarily what administrators like to read.

In June, our staff was informed by Dean Joseph Alsobrook that the printed version of the Legacy would no longer be funded by the university. The official reasons cited for axing our publication included costs and “better educational opportunities,” but we believe the real reason was because “higher-ups” didn’t like the topics we wrote about —  college sex assaults, suicide, drug usage, HIV and a campus murder.

Of course, problems exist nationally with some media who push agendas and are driven by clicks, which generate revenue. And fake news is a real issue, although Trump’s definition of fake news seems to include media coverage he deems unfavorable.

In its editorial Thursday, The Morning News of Savannah, Georgia might have stated the role of the media best as a true friend:

“Like any true friend, we don’t always tell you what you want to hear. Our news team presents the happenings and issues in this community through the lens of objectivity. And like any true friend, we refuse to mislead you. Our reporters and editors strive for fairness.”

By eliminating the most visible student publication on our campus, Lindenwood’s administration has essentially taken a page from Trump’s playbook. To Lindenwood, apparently, no news is good news.

So student journalists are faced with a fight that shouldn’t be happening to us. We’re being stifled in our efforts to learn, grow and expand as young professionals.

And Lindenwood’s students who are pursuing other fields are being deprived of a reliable source for what’s happening on their campus. The Legacy was that unbiased source, and it needs to be restored for the best interests of all students.