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The Backpack Personality Quiz

Abigail J. Fallon | Lindenlink Reporter
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What kind of backpack does your personality represent?
1. My favorite brands/stores are
A) Nike, Adidas and North Face; fashion is second to function.
B) Vera Bradley and Coach; only the finest and most feminine.
C) Target, Urban Outfitters and Forever21; I like anything fresh, young
and fun.
D) I’d never be caught dead carrying anything with a label.
2. I never go anywhere without..
A) a change of clothes for the gym. You can never push yourself too
B) an umbrella, reusable coffee cup and wristlet, all matching, of
C) a reusable water bottle, a camera and my iPod. Stylish but practical.
D) a lighter, a journal and a pair of black sunglasses. If I weren’t so
hipster, I’d call myself a hipster.
3. On my way to class, I like to listen to
A) 21st century rappers like Lil Wayne and Eminem, classic rock and
dubstep. Anything that pumps me up!
B) Top 40s hits by Beyonce, Taylor Swift and anyone from Disney. John
Mayer was great until he confused himself with Johnny Depp.
C) new-wave pop and retro rock: She and Him, Mumford & Sons and
Foster the People, but not without paying respect to The Beatles.
D) NPR, independent artists, local bands and underrated oldies.
4. In my group of friends, I’m the _________ one.
A) active, ambitious, attractive
B) cute, sweet, stylish
C) put-together, cool, fun
D) independent, individual, chill5. My favorite movies include
A) Remember the Titans, She’s The Man and Drumline
B) Mean Girls, Clueless and Legally Blonde
C) Juno, The Avengers and anything with Will Ferrell
D) Howl, Brick and a long list of socially-conscious documentaries
6. My dorm room is decorated with
A) Decorations? Where do you get those?
B) Bright colors, floral patterns, and everything that sparkles
C) Southwestern prints, fun throw pillows, and photos
D) Random stuff I found in vintage stores, including books and art
7. My favorite class I’ve ever taken was
A) Exercise Science
B) Art History
C) English Comp
D) Photography

Mostly A’s: Sporty– (Nike, Adidas, The North Face, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer)

Because you are always on the go, you need a sporty backpack that
is built to last. You tend to prioritize function over fashion, and when
it comes to school, you mean business! A classic carrier that can
translate from class to the gym is the name of the game where your
college life is concerned. Explore athlete favorites like Nike and
Adidas, or more outdoorsy options like North Face, L.L. Bean, and Eddie Bauer.


Mostly B’s: Girly- (Vera Bradley, Coach)

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Omg! You would never be caught dead wearing anything unisex. In
addition to bright colors, you gravitate towards monogram or paisley
floral prints, a la Coach and Vera Bradley. Brands such as these are ultra
feminine, just like you, and put a fun twist on the drab backpack.


Mostly C’s: Trendy– (Target, Urban Outfitters, Forever21)

Fashion is about making a statement, and for you, the best way to do
that is by finding a backpack that reflects your trendy style. Whether you
prefer floral, southwestern, striped, or brights, stores like Target, Urban
Outfitters, and Forever21 provide modern takes
on the classic backpack.


Mostly D’s: Indie– (Privately-owned shops, thrift stores, military outlets)

You don’t want your clothes to look like everyone else’s, so why should
your backpack? You may need to hunt a little for your style gear, but that’s
what makes it exclusive to you. Local boutiques, thrift stores, and military
outfitters all feature unique products to match your unique style, so go out
on a limb and have fun with it!


“Fashion is merely a saying: I belong to your world. I’m wearing the same uniform
as your army, so don’t shoot.”Paulo Coelho, The Winner Stands Alone

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