New serves, new season

Jon Holden | Lindenlink Reporter

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Last fall, the lady lion tennis team finished their exploits with a 2-1 record with their only loss coming against Saint Louis University.  There wasn’t much conference play taking place as opposed to individual success of its players.

“It was pretty tough,” Mariona Pinol said. “We played tough teams, but I think we will be able to do a lot better”

Senior Sarah Sharpe is currently sitting with a 5-1 record in singles play looking to capitalize on her senior season. Shapre also won the Hinds-Kellog tournament ending the fall portion of the season.  Sophomore Mariona Pinol also with an above average record of 5-2 has been playing solid. Taking fifth in the Hinds-Kelllog tournament, she wants to carry over her success into the spring portion of the season. Finally a freshman making her presence known is Daria Ivanova. Ivanova has a record of 5-3 in conference in tournament play.

Another positive coming into this spring is the recent success of the doubles teams the lady lions have to offer.

“We are going to have good doubles teams this spring, we also have new transfers coming in,” Pinol said.

Sharpe and Pinol are leading the team with a record of 2-0 in conference play; also having success going 2-2 in tournament play. Another doubles team to look out for is Marras and Slovakova. They went 2-1 last fall and are looking to build on their previous success.

The Lions will be traveling to the University of Southern Indiana today in their first duel match up since the end of the fall season.