Student Involvement hosts ‘Pumpkins and Public Safety’ for commuters


Commuter students of Lindenwood gather under the pavilion, located on heritage side, to mingle and join in on some pumpkin decorating.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.


Lindenwood commuters got a place to take a break Wednesday from academics, meet and mingle with other students and enjoy some festive activities.

“Pumpkins and Public Safety” lasted from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday. It featured a free buffet, which included a spring mix salad, smoked turkey, potato salad, pumpkin pie, apple cider and hot cocoa.

The flyer made by Student Involvement for the commuter-based event.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.

On each table sat mini pumpkins, brushes of all sizes, and a variety of acrylic paints. The students joined in by painting their pumpkins to mimic their favorite emojis, fruit, sesame street characters or just freestyle abstract.

Lindenwood sophomore and commuter Andrea Teague said she stumbled upon the event by accident.

“I walked by the pavilion to see what this was all about,” said Teague. “I actually can’t carve pumpkins because I’m allergic to the inside, so this is perfect for me.”

About an hour into the event, Wade O’Heron from Public Safety and Security stopped by to inform commuter students how to prepare for the cold months ahead, who to contact if they need to report any suspicious behavior, and how to reach out for other types of assistance.

Wade O’Heron provides commuter students with safety tips and information for the upcoming months.
Photo by Lauren Pennock.


O’Heron suggests students keep a “winter supply box” in their cars. The supply box should include a flashlight, batteries, gloves, a trash bag, a blanket, snacks and an ice scraper.

“If you don’t need it, great, if you do, you’ll love having it,” said O’Heron.

O’Heron, who worked in law enforcement for 10 years, said he always advises students to lock their cars. He also recommends they check their tire pressure and tread for the rough winter months.

Rachael Heuermann, the Student Involvement coordinator, was in charge of organizing this event for commuters. She plans to have many more commuter-based events and activities for the future as well.

“It’s still new; there are still so many possibilities,” said Heuermann. “I just want to do what the students want.”

Lindenwood commuter, Andrea Teague, paints her favorite Pokemon characters on her mini pumpkin.
Photo by Lauren Pennock

For more information regarding public safety and security visit the office on the fourth floor of Spellman Center.

For more information regarding commuter life on campus and student involvement, go to Involve U or visit the Student Involvement office on the third floor of Evans Commons.