Mario Kart Comes to The Evans Commons on Sibley Day

Abigail J. Fallon | Lindenlink Reporter

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Sibley Day is a Lindenwood tradition that even the most detached of students cannot ignore. Starting just five years ago, this campus event has since included academic talks, student activities, and a whole lot of school spirit. This year, Sibley Day is on Wednesday February 20th, and Lindenlink is bringing you an event that won’t bring you extra credit, but is sure to bring you joy: Mario Kart.

Wondering who to thank? Ricky Matsko, the promotional director for Lindenlink came up with the idea.

Matsko says, “I figured a good way to get a group of Lindenwood students together is by doing something that they can relate to that will be fun for everyone. Mario Kart is usually a surefire way for a group of people to have a good time.”

When asked if something like this has been done before, Matsko replied, “As far as I know, no. This is the first I’ve heard of a Sibley Day event where you get to play video games.”

A new Lindenwood tradition? We think so. So whether you’re a gaming mogul or practically Amish, come on down and let this online news resource make your Sibley Day!

This event is sponsored by Lindenlink and will be held at the Evans Commons in the Game room upstairs 12pm-4pm.