Pink The Rink

The women’s ice hockey game had a pink crowd on Friday. The team hosted pink the rink to raise breast cancer awareness

The women’s team skated onto the ice in special edition jerseys with more than scoring goals on their minds. The pink jerseys were a tribute to breast cancer awareness. Fans were also encouraged to wear pink to raise awareness.

The coach and some players have been directly affected by breast cancer. The disease has been a villian to forward Lyndsay Kirkham’s family.

A record 300 people, attended the game. Among the supporters was the St. Louis Blues towel man and mascot..

Fans travelled from all over to support the cause. Mother of defenseman Chelsey Witwicke, Renee Witwicke came all the way from Minnesota.

Before friday’s game players sold ribbons to raise money for the cause. Coach Vince O’Mara says he looks forward to a pink the rink every year.

The event concluded with a one to one tie in overtime and raised over four-thousand dollars.

LUTV reporter Killian Walsh