Danica Patrick makes her mark

Danica Patrick a 30 year old woman from Wisconsin who has been making history since the beginning of her professional career as an auto-racing driver.

She started running the IndyCar Series in 2005 and competed until 2011. Danica became the only woman who has won a IndyCar Series race in Twin Ring Moteg in April of 2008, and also is the female pilot who has achieved the highest place at the Indianapolis 500 winning the bronze in 2009.

In 2012 she joined the NASCAR Nationwide Series and also the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. She has been the first woman to lead a race in the Daytona International Speedway and by this 2013 season, she became the first woman who had won a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series pole.

In all of these years Danica has been not only a great competitor, but also a person who had achieved to change the history of Nascar and racings becoming in an important symbol for women realization and also equality. There are lots expectations for Danica in this and the next years hoping that she will continue braking records and making history.