Tatted: Finding beauty in ink when it doesn’t come out the way you want


This is Tatted, a podcast telling the stories behind people’s ink.
Graphic by Kat Owens


Senior Charlee Kimmins said that even though all of her tattoos did not turn out the way she wanted, she has no regrets.

Kimmins has seven tattoos, her favorites being the continent of Africa laced with tribal patterns on her shoulder and a portrait of her former cat on her thigh.

The first tattoo Kimmins got was a matching Korean tattoo with her little sister. Kimmins joked, but was also serious, when she said she’s pretty sure it is cultural appropriation and she wants to get it removed.

As an African American with sensitive skin, Kimmins talked about the trials she has gone through with finding the right artists and shares her bad experiences.

Listen more to hear Kimmins talk about what she would have known when getting her first tattoo.

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