Sibley Day 2013

February 20th marked another year of celebration. Lindenwood University, which was established in 1827 as a women’s college, honors its founder Mary Sibley, for the fifth time.

Each year, students are excused from classes to take part in a variety of scheduled events. Over 35 presentations and events were scheduled to make up this years themed event, “You Got Served”.

Communications professor, Andrew Allen Smith says the variety in events came from each and every student’s different interest. “Every year we try to theme Sibley Day based on something the students will find interesting and considering you guys are interested in job prospects and networking, we thought this would be a really interesting way to you guys to meet a lot of local businesses and non-profits and potentially get involved in community service you wouldn’t be interested and involved in.”

Evans Commons held a community service fair offering students a chance to learn how they can play a role in society. High school English education major, Brittany Preiss says this Sibley Day means doing for the community and getting involved.

“Last Sibley Day I went to a few seminars, this year I’m going to try and do more. Go to more seminars, go to more booths, just get everything out of it that I can.”

However, some students find it as a great day to find a bit of relaxation from an overwhelming semester.

“I really like to take the opportunity to go to a few little classes and sessions that they have, although I do take most of the time to sleep in unless there is a really good one that occurs early in the morning,” said Chris Jamison.

Although students are free to follow their own schedule on Sibley Day, organizers hope they will take the time to experience new things.

“The purpose is to expand your education and do it without being afraid of getting a grade, or having to pay attention as necessarily as much in a class that you are paying for where GPA is hinged upon,” said Smith. “It’s an excuse for you guys to learn things outside of comfort zone and find out what else is going out around campus outside of your major.”

For LUTV, Melissa Spears