Jason Wiese | Lindenlink Reporter

Let us assume that you have experienced a situation similar to that of one of my previous articles, “A Blessing in Disguise.” However, instead of taking my advice and moving on, you want to get even.

Admit it, you opened this expecting to hear tips on how to get back at the ex who cheated on you or stole from you or used you to get back at his or her ex, etc. You want to know how you can make them jealous. You want to humiliate them. You may even want to see them cry. You want to serve them the coldest dish possible.

Revenge is a particularly interesting concept in the dating world, yet it is also a common one. Can you think of a time when someone walked away from their adulterous ex saying, “Thanks and good luck to you!”?

Anyone’s initial reaction to a lover’s betrayal is a wish that their ex will somehow receive a taste of their own medicine. Some, on the other hand, do not wish this. They plan it.

“I’m going to put a bucket of pancake batter on top of his/her door!”

“I’m going to start a rumor that he/she (insert lie here)!”

“I’m going to tell him that I’m pregnant and it’s his baby!” (Ladies, this revenge tactic always fails in one of two ways: either he will eventually notice that you are not pregnant or he will immediately run away.)

These common strategies do fail, not just because they are lame and overused, but they will only end up hurting you instead. As I see it, there is only one existing strategy to successfully achieve vengeance on your ex. Allow me to explain:

Step 1: Keep as much distance from your ex as possible

No calls. No text messages. No social media attention. If you see your ex in person, only respond to them if they do first. Simply live your life.

Step 2: …

There is no Step 2.

I am a firm believer that “what goes around comes around.” I have in fact seen it happen, and as far as I am concerned, whatever your ex did to hurt you may eventually happen to them. It could take a month, a year, a decade, or it could even happen within a week with the person whom they dumped you for, if that may have been the case.

By this time, the pain that they feel will remind them of what they did to you. They will realize how they are at fault for what they did to you and why they deserve what has now happened to them. They will remember what you meant to them. They will miss you. They will want to call you back, desperate to be with you again.

Yet, they will also realize that they cannot have you back. At this point you will either be completely over this person or in a new relationship of your own. This realization will hurt your ex worse than anything that you could have come up yourself. That is the best revenge that there is.

I will say that I am not one to hope for punishment or to retaliate. I do not believe that anyone should. The reason that these types of injustices in the dating world happen to people is to learn from them; it is the way of life.

People must accept these events instead of turning their lives into a vicious circle of hurt. When the day comes that your ex receives the happiness that they will eventually deserve, you must be happy for them and you will be happy with yourself. That is when you will receive your happiness. Vengeance is the last thing the world needs. The only thing that anyone needs is love.