Nursing Program to Debut in Fall


Aeriel Niccum | Lindenlink Reporter

In a collaborative effort between Lindenwood and Saint Charles Community College (SCC) to provide a bachelor’s degree in nursing to associate degree graduates, nursing will officially become a major in the fall.

The new Nursing and Allied Sciences program, which has been a year in the making, seeks to provide quality courses to students who wish to go into the nursing or allied health science field so that, as graduates of the program, they may provide quality care when they reach the work field.

The collaboration between LU and SCC has many advantages. Under the new program, LU students who have their associate’s degrees in nursing will be offered bachelor coursework. Likewise, SCC students who are pursuing their associate’s degrees in nursing will now be able to transition smoothly into a bachelor’s degree.

Joining forces also has its technological advantages. LU and SCC are working to build a virtual hospital within the new nursing building, which was purchased last year. The virtual hospital will make available to students some of the same equipment seen in real hospitals. Students will also have access to a state-of-the-art computer skills lab.

“The technology combination will provide students with the opportunity to practice their assessment and communication skills before going into the work field,” said Dr. Peggy Ellis, dean of the school of nursing and allied sciences. “The health care field is also very team-based. Being under the same roof will help [LU and SCC] work as a team with students on the associate’s, bachelor’s and, eventually, the master’s level.”

The master’s portion of the program is not solidified but is being planned. A practice doctorate degree is also currently being planned for as well as allied science areas such as occupational therapy and nutrition and dietetics.

“It’s a little overwhelming but also very exciting to be able to work with refreshing new ideas,” Dr. Ellis said. “I’ve never built a program from scratch so in that way it’s challenging but it’s also very exciting.”

The Center will be located at #1 Academy Place, former location of Barat Academy, in Dardenne Prairie. Anyone interested in the Nursing and Allied Sciences program may contact Dr. Ellis via email [email protected] or phone 636-627-2907.