Special Edition Staff


Editor-In-Chief:  Annette Schaefer

Reporters: Clarissa Behrmann, Jennifer Bruhn, Madison Burke, Jonathan Garrison, Kayleigh Harrower, Dale Hart, Jessica Hartman, Paige Hill, Luiz Rodrigues, Chris Smith, Mariah Stewart, Brittany Velasco

Photographers: Jennifer Bruhn, Jonathan Garrison, Dale Hart, Luiz Rodrigues, Annette Schaefer, Mariah Stewart, Lindsey Rae Vaughn

Page Designers: Annette Schaefer, Michael Sprague

Faculty Advisers: Tom Pettit, Susan Weich

About this issue: This special edition of The Legacy was reported, written, photographed and edited as a special project of the Investigative Reporting class taught by Adjunct Professor Susan Weich. For the past four months, members of the class collected crime statistics, conducted a poll of students and interviewed dozens of school administrators, law enforcement officials and students about Lindenwood University’s security.

The class would like to get feedback about this issue from LU students, staff and faculty members. Please email any comments to [email protected] or post a message on the Lindenwood Legacy Facebook page or Twitter with #LUSafety. Be watching future editions of The Legacy for any follow-ups regarding LU’s security.