LU Confessions Continues to Grow, Adapt Online Image


Schyler Hohenberger | Lindenlink Contributor

LU Confessions, a Facebook page where people can anonymously post their thoughts, was created March 14, 2013. The page has since grown to more than 2,200 “Likes”.

One of LU Confession’s creator, Admin J, said, “It took off over night, I did not expect it to grow this quickly.”

Admin J explained that he was inspired to create a confessions page when he noticed that most colleges had a similar page and wanted Lindenwood to have the same.

Although the targeted audience is students at Lindenwood, followers of LU Confessions include alumni and people who stumbled across the page.

The admins said they want the students to become more engaged in student life so that the campus can become more fun and grow, but at the same time, they do not want bullying, harassing, slandering or illegal comments about fellow students or the university.

Sophomore, Alex said, “I enjoy reading LU Confessions because since I go to Lindenwood, I can relate to some of the confessions. When you read a confession and you think you may know the person, it makes it even funnier.”

Not all students share this opinion.

Sophomore, Alyssa said, “I do not like LU Confessions because I think the people who post are liars, cowards or just plain horny. I think it’s disgusting.”

Admin A and Admin J said, “We really do care about the students’ reputation, and we are here for fun, not to have people bullied.”

The admins said that LU Confessions is meant for fun and making new friends.

According to Admin J, LU Confessions is anonymous.

“All we receive is the confession, the time it was submitted and an IP address.”

The admins read each confession entirely before posting it on the page.

“The fine line between appropriate and inappropriate and offensive and not offensive is hard to judge, but we do our best to determine what should go on the page” Admin J said.

The admins said that they are more than willing to remove posts that are found offensive and appreciate the advice. However, the only way for this to happen is by informing them of which post you would like removed.

Due to concerns of online bullying, LU confessions was temporarily shut down on April 17. Since, the admins have come together and created a new policy specifying what content will not be posted on the site.

“We highly encourage students to inform us of posts that they find offensive or about them that they don’t like” Admin J said. “We are looking to expand and grow, and with support and guidance from our followers, we can make this page fun and successful for the students and the University.”