How to celebrate Valentine’s Day during a pandemic


Photo by Pexels

Though it may look different this year, here are ways to safely celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Alexis Montgomery, Editor-in-Chief

It can be hard to find good date ideas during a pandemic, but it’s still possible to find ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your special person. 

Though it may look different this year, Valentine’s Day can still be romantic. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, single or spending the day with friends, here are ways you can celebrate the holiday safely: 


Make a home-cooked meal

One way to celebrate at home is to make a delicious home-cooked meal. Try these recipes that don’t take much time or require many ingredients. 

Order takeout from your favorite restaurant

Not a fan of cooking or don’t have access to a kitchen? Order takeout from a local restaurant. Here are some restaurants in the St. Louis Area that have Valentine’s Day deals.

Have a Facetime date

Are you in a long distance relationship or separated from a loved one? You can still celebrate the day over Facetime. Try streaming your favorite songs or movies together. 

Get artistic and have a paint date

Buy some art supplies and get creative. Not skilled? Grab a paint by numbers kit to make it easy to create a masterpiece. Painting with a Twist is offering a virtual Valentine’s Day painting class. Tickets are $40 per person. 

Make your own movie theatre 

Grab some popcorn and your favorite candy and settle in for the night to watch movies. Take it a step further and use portable speakers to create a surround sound effect. 

Play board games or video games

Put on cozy pajamas and play a nostalgic board game together. You can even play a video game for some healthy competition. 

Take a walk outside

A walk in the snow can be romantic. If walking is too boring, try sledding or stargazing. Temperatures are expected to be low however, so don’t get frostbite by staying out too long. 

Try a virtual escape room

Build trust, support, and teamwork in your relationship by trying out an escape room. The Escape Game has a virtual escape room that you can follow along and figure out virtually. You can play with two to eight players or more. 

Stream anti-Valentine’s Day movies

If you’re not into Valentine’s Day, you can watch anti-Valentine’s Day movies to avoid being pressured by the holiday.