The best places to study on campus at Lindenwood


Photo by James Tananan Kamnuedkhun

Lindenwood students spoke to Lindenlink about where their favorite spots to study on campus are.

With midterms and finals soon approaching, it’s important to find a good place to study on campus to ensure good grades. 


The LARC is one of the most popular study spots on campus with many places to study from private rooms, behind bookshelves, Starbucks, and many chairs.

Jack McCormick, a sophomore at Lindenwood, said he likes to study behind the bookshelves with friends on the first floor of the LARC.

“We do that because there’s nobody ever there and nobody comes back there. We pretty much get left alone,” McCormick said. 

Sophomore Jalen Bethany said he also studies behind the bookshelves because there are no distractions. 

Bethany said it’s been harder to find open study spots at other parts of the campus due to COVID-19.

“It’s kind of hard to find spaces to study because there’s a lot of places we can’t go that we usually would be able to,” Bethany said. “So we have to get here pretty early in order to get a spot.”

For students working on a group project, it might be easier to reserve a study room

Sophomore Phuong Trang-Tran said she likes to stay in the study rooms with friends. 

“I think it’s the best thing,” Trang-Tran said. “Also, we have Starbucks here. Coffee first.”

She also said since she’s a transfer, she doesn’t know many study spots on campus. 

Outside your dorm or house

There are many spots to study outside. Some students say if the weather is nice, grab a blanket and your laptop and study behind your dorm or campus house. 

Martina Kohatsu, a senior at Lindenwood, said she likes to study outside because it’s been harder to find open study spots in the LARC.

“My favorite spots to study on campus are outside,” Kohatsu said. “Whenever it’s sunny, I like to be outside.”

In your room

Other students, like freshman Violet Arambula, like to study in their room. 

“My favorite study spot is in my room just because of the privacy and it’s quiet and helps you focus,” Arambula said. 

Harmon Hall

Harmon Hall is also a good spot to study if you have a class during the day. There are couches and chairs on the first and second floors to sit and open spots near the windows. 

Roemer Hall

Roemer has good study spots on the second floor. It’s a quiet building and has chairs and tables to study at. 


The basement of Spellmann has many chairs, tables, computers, and even TV’s to provide a comfortable study spot.