Lindenwood adds new fire pit by Pfremmer Pond


Photo by Jessica Spivey

Students sit next to the new fire pit during New Student Orientation week for the 2021-22 school year.

Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

A new fire pit/amphitheater campus location will be available for students in the fall 21 semester.

This latest addition is located behind Pfremmer Pond.

“The fire pit and amphitheater was a collaborative project involving many teams across campus,” director of communications Julee Mitsler said, “the purpose of the new venue is to provide an additional outdoor gathering space for student organizations and activities.”

Many organizations and teams worked on completing this project in time before the semester starts in order for students to be able to enjoy it in the fall.

Students such as sophomore Nataleigh Liddy are excited to spend time at the new venue.

“I think it is super neat,” Liddy said. “A great way for students to connect, it will help students get to know each other and be a fun gathering place.”

After several months of working on the project, Lindenwood students are welcomed to spend their time, study, relax and meet people at this new campus location.

Junior Bianca Sa says the place behind Pfremmer Pond was always one of her most visited locations.

“In past semesters I would actually walk to the other side of the pond, sit by a tree, and journal,” Sa said. “I had such a great time doing that and always thought to myself that students were missing out on how peaceful and pretty it is out there. Now that the fire pit is in that area by the pond, I can definitely see more students enjoying that special place.”