Five local ‘Haunted Houses’ to check out this Halloween


Photo by Joshua Robinson

Pumpkin display at Creepyworld

Ben Kaiser and Joshua Robinson

October is in its last week, which means the air is getting chilly, leaves are fading to orange and brown, and more importantly, Halloween is here.

It’s that time of year for neighbors to show off their morbid house decorations. It’s time for kids and adults to put on their craziest costumes. It’s time for film buffs to play through horror movie marathons. And, of course, for people to try to remember the dance moves to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Also familiar for this time of year are the haunted house events and the St. Charles/St. Louis area is no stranger to them. From Six Flags to urban legends and even escape rooms, the local area has plenty of locales to visit. We personally went to a few places this month to share our own experiences

Here are five locations for those wanting a new Halloween experience or to get a good scare.

Image provided by The Cobb Factory Facebook page

The Cobb Factory

When: Oct. 1 – Nov. 6, except Halloween

Where: 141 E. Main St., Old Monroe, Missouri, 63369

How much: $25 per person, $35 speed pass

Over 80 years ago, police found the Cobb family murdered by Eli Cobb, the head of the family. In Old Monroe, his grain factory became a “maze of death,” a name given by reporters. Now today, people line up to relive the horrors of Cobb’s “maze of death.”

The Cobb Factory is a dimly-lit zig-zagging maze filled with jump-scares and air horns. Killers and creeps hide in hidden spots and even a few places right in the open.

“The highlight was the room with the 3-D glasses,” Jerry Stiegemeier, one of the guests, said. Guests are required to wear 3-D glasses in one section of the tour, including a 3-D polka-dot room and a spinning bridge.

There’s even entertainment outside for those stuck in line. One actor scares people with a chainsaw while a hillbilly Jesus entertains guests with his new Gospel. In addition, near the entrances will be tables with different appearances from KSHE 95, 105.7 The Point, and 100.7 The Viper.

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Photo provided by Deadlock Escape

Deadlock Escape Room: Annabelle

When: All year round

Where: 1026 First Capital Dr., St. Charles, Missouri, 63301

How much: $25-28 per person

This was the first time I ever did an escape room, and it was a lot of fun. Deadlock Escape has four separate rooms: Annabelle, Area 51, Asylum, and Annabelle – Part 2. All four are in the Saint Charles area.

The Annabelle room, based on the possessed doll that inspired the horror film series, locks players in a dim hallway with several rooms to explore. In addition to clues and puzzles to solve in each room, the main goal is to find a special lock, a special key, Annabelle’s case, and the doll herself. Once she is safely put away and locked in her case again, the game is over.

The experience is immersive. It took my friend and me a few minutes to figure out how to start while we got a feel of the rooms. It felt rewarding to solve the puzzles and exciting to unlock more rooms and hidden doors. I could not wait to grab that creepy doll and stick her back in her case.

“Very well played on many aspects,” Philip Brownell, the second player, said. “The changing sounds and knocks, well put together.”

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Lemp Brewery Haunted House

When: Oct. 8-31

Where: 3500 Lemp Ave, St. Louis, Missouri, 63118

How much: $25 per person, $35 with speed pass

The history of the Lemps is pretty wicked. This is actually a “real” haunted house. The Lemp Brewery was a thriving business in the late 1800s.

The business shut down in 1920 due to prohibition, and most of the Lemp family committed suicide. Some say that the family business was cursed. The haunted attraction is located deep underneath the brewery where the family used to travel back and forth to work.

This place contains numerous strobe lights, demons and ghosts at every corner, and a dark maze. The maze was thrilling; it was so pitch black that I could barely see my hands. Some of the actors also follow you throughout the haunted house.

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When: Oct. 8-Nov. 4

Photo provided by Creepyworld

Where: 1400 S Old Highway 141, Fenton, Missouri, 63026

How much: $30 per person, $40 with speed pass

Creepyworld was really fun. There are 13 different haunted attractions to go through. Unlike every haunted house I’ve been to, it takes at least an hour to go through everything. Creepyworld has a haunted hayride, a pumpkin display, and a five-minute escape room.

The haunted houses have different themes with ghouls and zombies roaming around scaring people. The first house was full of zombies jumping out and scaring people. I really enjoyed this one a lot!

“Creepyworld was a cool haunted house,” Taylor Robinson, one of the guests, said. “I liked the different themes of horror and not just the typical haunted house or maze.”

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Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis

When: Sept. 11- Oct. 31

Photo provided by Six Flags St. Louis

Where: 4900 Six Flags Rd, Eureka, Missouri, 63069

How much: $29.99 per person, $19.99 extra for haunted add on

Fright fest is pretty much like the dark version of Six Flags. Of course, they have the roller coasters open, but the park also has ghouls terrorizing people throughout the park and three haunted houses you can go to. I was pretty fascinated with the new corn maze they have this year.

On the other side of the park, the lights are off, and the pathway is filled with fog and a few actors walking around scaring people. They also have an area where kids can take pictures of creepy clowns.

“I thought it was cool,” Morgan Wilson, one of the guests, said. “Although there weren’t a lot of actors that scared you around the park like back in 2016, it’s still a good place to take kids.”

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