What’s leaving and coming to Netflix this month: January edition


Here is the full list of what is coming to and leaving Netflix this month. Photo from Pexels.com

Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

Christmas and New Year’s season is over. The routine returns, people go back to work, and students go back to school.
After the long holiday rush, it can get a little depressing to go back to the old boring schedule, so taking an evening off and spending it with Netflix might be a good refresher for everyone.
This year Netflix’s users are promised to have a huge variety of new and old shows coming to the streaming service.
Every month, Netflix removes some TV shows and movies to make some space for the new ones. Here’s what’s being added and removed in January:

What’s leaving Netflix

• January 15: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Twilight
Well-known series of fantasy romance novels by Stephenie Meyer are leaving Netflix this month. This can be a shocker for many people, due to the popularity of the movies.
• January 17: Homefront
A story of a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent moving to a quiet town with his family where he shortly finds a local meth “drug lord.”
• January 22: The Shannara Chronicles (Seasons 1-2)
Based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Terry Brooks, “The Shannara Chronicles” is a fantasy story about the local heroes who are to stop an evil Demon army from destroying the universe.
• January 31: My Girl 2
My Girl 2 is an American comedy-drama film about a teenage girl who leaves her home in suburban Pennsylvania and travels to Los Angeles to find information about her deceased mother.

What’s coming to Netflix

• January: 17: After We Fell (2021)
“After We Fell” is a third Netflix movie in the “After” franchise. This movie tells the story of Tessa and Hardin living together, Tessa dealing with her past, and Hardin fighting his emotional vulnerabilities.
• January 19: Too Hot to Handle (Season 3)
“Too Hot to Handle” is a reality show that follows the lives of single people living in an island villa together.
• January 21: Ozark (Season 4 – Part 1)
A Chicago-based financial advisor relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks where he must launder $500 million after his business partner cheated a dangerous client.
• January 28: In from the Cold (Season 1)
A crime thriller movie about a single mom who has to return to her past as a bio-engineered Russian agent and battle against an insidious enemy.