CAB’s plan for events this spring


Photo by Lauren Pennock

Outside the Student Involvement office, where CAB members work hard to organize campus events. Located on the third level of Evans Commons.
Photo by Lauren Pennock

Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

The spring semester did not start the way many expected it to.

Lindenwood University had to take measures to keep its students safe and move all of the events to a virtual format after the Omicron cases went up at the beginning of the semester.

Campus Activities Board, or CAB, is one of the biggest on-campus organizations in charge of event planning. Each semester, the CAB team spends weeks and months planning the events for students to meet new people and be involved in the campus community.

Program Coordinator Jenna Biagi shared how CAB handles event planning during these times.

“We do plan events ahead. All events [for the spring semester] were planned in November/December which at that time we did not think to have a Plan B,” Biagi said. “All events moving forward will have a virtual backup option to stay prepared.”

CAB’s main goal is to organize events that provide social and educational opportunities for all students. Student-employee Ashley Deal, who works for CAB, said the organization had to learn to be flexible with the turn of current events.

“It has been very interesting so far… We have been rolling with the punches trying to find the best way to still get people involved to make the best of the semester,” Deal said. “The good news is that since we have had to do online events before we have more ideas and have some backup plans already ready.”

This semester, CAB has about 30 events planned, including students’ favorites like Evans Unlocked and Late Night Breakfast. Student-employee Emma Ratliff, who works for CAB, said they are prepared for any turn of events.

“Yes, I think CAB is ready if Lindenwood was to go completely virtual,” Ratliff said. “Because we all have flexible minds that can prepare us for in-person and virtual options.”

To find out about upcoming events on campus, click here.