Suriving finals week: to do list


Photo by Photo from Pexels

Worried about finals week? Here are some tips that can make your last week a little less overwhelming.

Sofiya Melnychuk, Culture Editor

The most important, most feared, and most awaited week is here.

It’s finals week.

Now the questions that many students ask this week are “what can I do to succeed in my exams/final projects?” and “how do I manage my time?” This week is important for most students, so planning the time wisely is essential.

Here are some things you might need to do during finals week:

1. Don’t forget to return your textbooks

Seems like an unnecessary one, yet many forget to return their textbooks and end up standing in a long line on the last day of school. Save yourself some time and nerves and return them early.

2. Get enough sleep

This one sounds obvious and unnecessary too but the truth is sleep actually is important, especially during finals week. Those all-nighters and 3 a.m. study sessions are not going to do much good for you and especially your grades. Energy drinks and coffee are great, but a full eight hours of sleep is even better.

3. Switch up the environments

Getting out of the dorm room is a key to good focus and a productive study time. Switching up environments gives a sense of a “different” setting; hence it is less distracting. Pick a study place depending on your preferences: a coffee shop or a park for a louder and busier place and a library for complete silence. If you’re struggling to focus, have a friend join you. Studying in groups creates a “studying atmosphere” where it’s easier to focus.

4. Eat healthy

Finals week is a busy time but getting the needed nutrients has to be a priority. Just like with energy drinks or coffee, a short snack every once in a while works, but a full meal is definitely better.

5. Take breaks

Studying nonstop might make you feel prepared and productive but breaks are important. Sitting in front of a book or a laptop for five hours is simply torturing yourself. Taking a break to walk, stretch, eat, drink, or relax is a must. However, sometimes those 15-minute-breaks can turn into two hours on TikTok; that’s why it’s important to keep track of time.

One of the most popular studying techniques is the Pomodoro method. You study and relax for the same amount of time. For instance, for five hours you study for 50 minutes and relax for 15. There are tons of apps and YouTube videos that help keep track of the time.

Last, but not least:

6. Enjoy

This is exams week, moving out of the dorm week, and saying goodbye to your friends week. So, celebrate. Take a walk on Main Street, grab a coffee with your friend, plan your summer, and give yourself credit for getting through another semester.