Embers brings east coast inspired pizza to Lake St. Louis Farmer’s Market

Jessica Spivey, Photo Editor

Embers mobile wood-fired pizza and catering was created by husband-and-wife team Steven and Jill Pine.

After deciding to take a different approach to open a food-centered business, Steven and Jill first brought Embers to the Lake St. Louis Farmer’s Market in 2016.

“Moving from the east coast, we were not used to the types of pizza you guys have here in St. Louis, so we tried to bring some east coast pizza Neapolitan flavors in and start our business,” Jill said.

Often mistaken for a food truck, the iconic red Embers truck named ‘Jolene’ is home to the Italian wood-fired pizza oven.

With Jolene, the Embers team cooks all pizzas fresh on-site in 90 seconds. Embers uses the weekly farmers market as a network to advertise their catering services.

“We bring two specials every week: one from the catering menu, and then one I kind of work on the fly,” Steven said. “And what we try to do is use the seasonality of the market for the toppings of the special pizza of the week.”

Bringing their business to the Farmer’s Market has allowed Embers to pursue many catering opportunities from frequent market visitors.

Team member Anita Augustus has been with Embers since the beginning and has seen the business grow over the years.

“As we kept growing and the word got out, we were able to streamline and become more efficient, and people started to realize it’s pizza,” Augustus said.  “It’s breakfast pizza, it’s yum, it’s delicious.”

Embers Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza and Catering is a popular stop at the Lake St. Louis Farmer’s Market, and the team looks forward to serving customers every Saturday morning.

The Lake St. Louis Farmer’s Market happens in The Meadows shopping center every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to noon until mid-October.