Self Care Club: the organization that helps you put yourself first


Students painting during the Paint Night event on March 22. Photo by Lauren Roberts.

Eva Laurens, News Editor

The Self Care Club is a student-run organization on campus open to all students who want to join the club or attend the events. 

Lindenwood offers its students different ways to get involved on campus. The Self Care Club is one of them.

“Our purpose is to teach others how to take time for themselves and make themselves a priority,” Vice President Lauren Roberts said.

The organization hosts an event once a month for students to attend, whether they are part of the club or not.

“We host an event about once a month right now,” Roberts said. “We want to provide a warm and inviting environment for anyone who is looking to take a break.”

The events organized by the Self Care Club focus on giving students the opportunity to take a break from their studies and put themselves and their mental health first. 

“We recently had a Cookies and Cranes event where we gave out cookies and students made origami. It was in the LARC so it was a great break from studying,” junior Mikailey Butts said. 

“I got to meet some new people and we actually beat the attendance record for students showing up to the event.” 

The Self Care Club wants to provide a safe and fun environment for students to relax and think about something other than school. 

“Self Care Club is trying to make the campus more relaxed and bring fun activities to students. I wanted to join the Self Care Club because many of my friends mentioned the activities were a great way to get involved,” freshman Katie Rorie said. “Self Care Club has been a great opportunity to reach out to many on campus and reach new people.”

Students who want to join the Self Care Club or get information about future events can join the club’s GroupMe.

“We do have GroupMe to receive updates about any of our events and we are hoping to start having meetings to get input on event ideas if people are interested in joining the club,” Roberts said. “We have a QR code linked to our GroupMe that can be scanned. Usually, at our events, we have it available for them to join or if they send us an email with their number we can add them that way.”

Those interested can email the organization and get more information at [email protected]

The different events offered by the club help students to meet people and enjoy their time on campus. 

“Self Care Club is great because it’s really just a time to relax and take your mind off of things,” Butts said. “It is a safe space where students can come and not worry about school or homework. Everyone in the club is very supportive and kind. We love having new members join and it is overall a very encouraging environment.”